Read what our customers have to say about us.

“RS Music offers a personalized and effective approach in teaching young musicians.

My daughter Madison (who is hard of hearing) and my son Matthew, both enjoy learning to play the piano and drums with guidance of a patient and knowledgeable music instructor.

We have seen an increase in their self-confidence and also a true appreciation for music, which I am sure is a result of the 2 years of attending Rs Music.”

Estela Pinlac

“Great place for music lessons. Teachers are patient and friendly. Also very accommodating with my changing work hours. I had to change a few lesson dates, and they made it work with the time I needed. My daughter loves the recitals that they have twice a year. It’s a motivational boost for my little one, and I get to experience her skills and see her progress.”

Stephanii Bui

“RS Music offers practical applications, such as recitals and rock jams, where the kids get to play with others in a band setting. RS Music will bring pizza or snacks and make it a really fun experience for the kids.

I honestly can’t think of one time in the past 3 years that they haven’t wanted to go to music lessons; they thoroughly enjoy it.

If you are looking to enroll your child in music, I would highly recommend checking out RS. It has been a great experience for us.”

Susan Mccall

“We have been with Rs Music for over 8 years with my 3 children taking a variety of lessons.

My first son, Darby, started with acoustic guitar and later moved on to electric. He now plays bass, electric, and acoustic guitar very well, thanks to all the great teachers he has had over the years. His school teacher was so happy to have him in the band at school. In school, he was able to join the jazz band within a month of starting the band class.

My second son, Jarius, plays drums and was able to join the school band class starting drums, even though they told us he would not make it. With the lessons at Rs Music he proved to the school teacher he could do it and do a drum roll before some of the other classmates could, even though they were in the band longer than him.

My daughter, Bailey, is so excited to learn guitar and in a few short months of lessons she now tries to tackle every song she hears on the radio and does quite well at it!

Overall it has been a great experience and we will be continuing!”

Annette Mikkelson

“My son started at RS Music 2 years ago and my daughter started this past year. We originally started with drums, then added piano and now it is primarily piano with my son. I love that my children have had the opportunity to learn multiple instruments in order to keep music fun. The teachers understand that the more fun a child has the easier the learning goes.

My son is highly distracted and fidgety, he requires much patience. The teacher has been great. On rough days the teacher jams with my son, he plays drums while the teacher plays guitar. It really is motivating, and the teacher throws little nuggets of information at my son while jamming.

My daughter is far easier to teach in many ways but she requires more repetition. The teacher is extremely patient with her, even the easiest preschooler requires quite a lot of patience.

While practice at home is encouraged, I never feel judged for over looking practice. Life is hectic and doesn’t always allow for me to be on top of everything. Best of all I don’t feel pressured for my children to behave a certain way, so long as I’m there to help the children to be respectful.”

Courtney Hinks