DS-1-4A  BOSS Distortion 40th Anniversary Edition
DS-1-4A  BOSS Distortion 40th Anniversary Edition
DS-1-4A  BOSS Distortion 40th Anniversary Edition

DS-1-4A BOSS Distortion 40th Anniversary Edition

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  • GRAB YOUR HANDS ON THIS LIMITED EDITION - In celebration of BOSS' 40th anniversary, we released a spanking DS-1 Distortion Pedal in a black body. This pedal was released in 2017, and limited units were made.
  • ENJOY THE WIDE RANGE OF GAIN - You can go from mild to heavy with the DS-1 pedal. It contains a two-stage circuit that incorporates both transistor and op-amp stages. This gives you an extensive range; you can go from subtle bite to full-on fuzz.
  • SHAPE YOUR SOUNDS TO YOUR LIKING - You can control the amount of signal processing with the Level and Distortion knobs. While the Tone dial lets you tailor the EQ right on the unit. No need for external processors.
  • MADE TO LAST - This effects pedal is made with rugged metal enclosure, guaranteed to withstand continuous usage.
  • CONVENIENT POWER OPTIONS - For extended hours of playing, you can power up the DS-1 with an AC adapter. Alternatively, you can use a 9V carbon-zinc/alkaline battery if you don't like long cables lying around your stage.


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