LINE 6 Micro Spider Practice Amplifier
LINE 6 Micro Spider Practice Amplifier
LINE 6 Micro Spider Practice Amplifier

LINE 6 Micro Spider Practice Amplifier

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At home, on vacation or in the back of the tour bus, Micro Spider® delivers incredible on-the-go tones whenever inspiration strikes. Choose from four amp models and six effects, all with intuitive and easy-to-use controls. Play with electric guitars, acoustic guitars and even vocals—Micro Spider has a 1/4" microphone input with dedicated mic trim knob. And despite its small size, Micro Spider packs a serious punch—six watts through a 6.5" speaker has never sounded so ferocious.

Micro Spider gives you everything you need to jam with amazing tones anywhere. Micro Spider can be powered by the included AC adapter or six C batteries, so you can rock out on the beach, in the forest or in your living room. A built-in chromatic tuner helps ensure every note will sound great. The 1/4" output is ideal for headphone practice sessions or hassle-free direct recording. You can even hook up your phone or tablet via the mini stereo input and practice along with your favorite music.

Micro Spider delivers the wide tonal range and sonic versatility you’d expect to find only in much larger amps. Spark your creativity with amazing on-the-go tones, including clean, crunch, metal and insane. An acoustic model brings out the best tonal characteristics of your acoustic guitar. Dedicated tone stack controls include bass, mid and treble, so you can dial in each model to perfection.


  • Four Spider amp models and one acoustic guitar model
  • Three tone stack controls
  • Six Smart Control FX
  • Five user-programmable channels
  • Integrated chromatic tuner with note-name display
  • Powered by six C batteries (not included)
  • AC adapter (included)
  • Six watts
  • 6.5" speaker
  • Strap included
  • Direct output
  • 1/4" microphone input with dedicated mic trim knob
  • Mini stereo MP3/CD input
  • 1/4" instrument input
  • 1/4" headphone output
  • Free membership to Spider Online with registration—500+ guitar lessons, jam tracks, tones and more

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