Music Lessons Helping Your Child With Math

Music Lessons Helping Your Child With Math

Music Lessons Help Your Child With Math

While we all know that learning how to play a musical instrument helps children develop their creativity, you may not have known that music also helps children with mathematics. Curious to know why?

That’s because learning to play music stimulates the same areas of the brain that are used in mathematical processing, according to several studies published in Scientific American. Music also improves reasoning, verbal, and reading skills as well. Researchers have discovered that musical training activated the auditory processing region of the cerebral cortex, so if your child has one of the many auditory processing disorders, music lessons can help.

With all of this compelling evidence demonstrating the numerous benefits of music lessons, it’s no surprise that parents are eager to get their children started with music lessons. However, before enrolling your child, you may want to consider the right starting age.

Consider your child’s age

Before learning to play an instrument, certain developmental milestones should be met, and not all children reach these milestones at the same time. First, check to see if the child understands the difference between right and left.

Generally, children by the age of 4 can recognize the letters of the alphabet and this is a good indication they would be ready for music lessons. 

However not all children develop at the same time. If your child requires assistance in one of these areas, you may want to defer the lessons and focus on these fundamentals first.

Music Lessons may greatly benefit them 

When it comes to learning an instrument, there is no such thing as missing the boat. At any time, you can jump in and get started. However, if your child is ready, music lessons may greatly benefit them in all aspects of their lives.



Highway Mail 

June 1, 2021 

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