Music Lessons - Group (3-4.5 yrs)

Adventures Group Classes:

  • a musical adventure for 3 to 4.5 year olds  
  • is where the young beginner can learn the basics of music 
  • draws on many different music education programs
  • diverse program focusing on engagement and creative repetition
  • to prepare for one-on-one music lessons 


Music Concepts Presented:

  • basic rhythm patterns 
  • dynamics (loud/soft sounds)
  • distinguishing hands and fingers 
  • pitch (high/low sounds)
  • musical alphabet 
  • counting 
  • tempo 
  • basic musical notation (clefs/note values)
  • and more 

Our Teachers:

  • instruct all styles of music, including popular and classical and the latest emerging today 
  • are carefully selected for their teaching credentials and interactive personalities
  • are graduates or students from universities or colleges and/or talented performing artists 


  • no contract registration, you may begin lessons at anytime 
  • no additional fees or charges 
  • flexible payment plans (monthly, every 2 months or longer, full year)
  • credit card and automatic debit 
  • history of all payments and sales 
  • discount applied to all retail items