You Can Never Go Wrong When It Comes To Kids And Music

You Can Never Go Wrong When It Comes To Kids And Music

Kids And Music 

You can never go wrong when it comes to kids and music. In fact, music is an essential part of every kid’s development. After all, parents know that they can use music to soothe their kids, express their love for them, and engage with them. Let’s look at why kids should learn a musical instrument. 

1. Playing music helps improve your kid’s memory

When your small child plays music for a while, they get to learn how to create, retrieve and store memories efficiently. While playing music, your kid is constantly exercising their brain muscles. This is one of the best ways to ensure your kid’s brain stays healthy during their formative years. Furthermore, a study found that musicians have better memory than non musicians. Isn’t that an advantage that every parent would like for their child?

2. Music can help improve your child’s math skills

Learning to play music can help improve your math skills. This takes place because reading music requires your kid to count both rhythms and notes. Furthermore, learning to play a musical instrument helps your kid to learn music theory. Music theory uses many mathematical aspects, and understanding these aspects will help your child understand other mathematical theories that they’ll come across in school. Studies have shown that kids who play musical instruments are better at math skills and get higher grades than students who don’t play musical instruments.

3. Music sharpens your child’s concentration levels

Playing music requires your child to be hyper-focused. They need to constantly pay attention to pitch, note duration, rhythm, sound quality, and tempo. Being distracted will diminish their quality of play. If you’d like your child’s concentration levels to be sharp, helping them learn to play an instrument is a great way to achieve this objective. In fact, for children with ADHD or ADD, playing music can be especially beneficial.

4. Music helps teach your child to persevere

The process of learning to play music teaches your child to be patient and how to persevere. Through the study of music, your child will learn that effort is essential. They’ll also learn how to manage challenges successfully.

5. Music helps boost your child’s confidence

After the beginner stage, your child may perform whatever they’ve learned in front of their parents, teachers, classmates, or friends. The art of performance will help your child develop confidence. Remember that learning music takes time and effort. Once your child achieves a musical skill that they initially found difficult, they’ll feel more confident when it comes to tackling other challenges.

6. Music increases your child’s discipline

Some studies have shown that today’s kids have small attention spans due to the increased use of electronic gadgets. Video games, smartphones, and tablets tend to distract children from other important childhood activities such as studying, playing, and even eating. Learning music is a healthy, fun and engaging  activity that can counter, or at least provide some balance, to your child's life.


Learning to play a musical instrument is an excellent way for kids to learn, grow, develop and have fun. 




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August 5, 2021 

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