Yamaha BB Pro Series BBP34 Bass Guitar
Yamaha BB Pro Series BBP34 Bass Guitar
Yamaha BB Pro Series BBP34 Bass Guitar
Yamaha BB Pro Series BBP34 Bass Guitar

Yamaha BB Pro Series BBP34 Bass Guitar

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The Ultimate BB. For the bassist that won't settle for anything less than the best, the Pro lineup represents the pinnacle of everything the BB designers have sought to achieve over four decades of striving for perfection. Carefully crafted one at a time by a select team of master artisans at Yamaha's headquarters in Japan, and featuring a unique Alder/Maple/Alder laminated construction finished with Yamaha's proprietary IRA (initial response acceleration) technology, the Pro BB offers a rich, organic tone and incomparable resonance and playability—this is the bass that you've always dreamed of.

BB series basses have ranked among the world’s most recorded bass guitars for more than 40 years. Made in Japan, BB Professional models combine traditional craft and modern ingenuity, and are designed for exceptional versatility, stability, and tone. Available with four (BBP34) or five (BBP35) strings, and in four finishes, now including Moonlight Blue and Vintage White.

Made in Japan, this is the ultimate BB, featuring alder/maple/alder construction treated with Yamaha’s unique I.R.A. technology, a 6-bolt miter neck joint, and a diagonally strung convertible bridge.


  • Made in Japan
  • Alder/maple/alder body construction
  • YGD custom V7 (Alnico V) pickups
  • Vintage Plus Bridge with convertible bridge and saddle
  • 6-Bolt miter neck joint
  • 5-Piece neck
  • Lightweight open-gear tuners
  • I.R.A Treatment

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