Mooer Cruncher MICRO Crunch Distortion Pedal True Bypass - (w/o original packaging)
Mooer Cruncher MICRO Crunch Distortion Pedal True Bypass - (w/o original packaging)

Mooer Cruncher MICRO Crunch Distortion Pedal True Bypass - (w/o original packaging)

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Floor Model (w/o original packaging)

The Mooer Cruncher distortion pedal has a rather generic sounding name that is easily overlooked compared to Moore’s other cleverly named pedals. Plugging in to it shows that what counts is what is inside.

Featuring a simple control interface, compact design and seemingly endless amount of gain, the Mooer Cruncher Distortion can summon the grittiest sounds with a few twists of the gain and tone knobs. Built with a punching mid-range that will immediately get your signal noticed in the mix, use the Cruncher for a searing lead or dial the gain down for a tight, chugging bite on your rhythm parts.  


The distortion produced is smooth, buttery, balanced musically. A joy to play, the responsiveness is amazing and not harsh. Has loads of volume headroom to drive your amp or dial it down to get the pure melodic distortion. Based on the MI Audio Crunchbox, this can do any genre you throw at it. 

Get the most out of your pedal board with the Mooer High Quality Miniature Series Effects Pedals! These miniature series pedals with dimensions designed at only at 3.68″ (93.5mm) Deep × 1.65″ (42mm) Wide × 2.05 (52mm) High. These pedals have quickly gained a foothold in the industry. 

A High Gain Distortion Sound with powerful mid frequency! A real tone machine Mooer Cruncher

Features and Specifications:

Input: 1/4” Jack Output: 1/4″ Jack

Power Requirements: 9V DC adapter or power supply (not supplied)

Current Draw: 7mA

Designed with True Bypass and a full metal shell


Power supply not included.

Please use a 9V DC power adapter whose polarity is negative centre otherwise, the product may not work properly.

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